Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), which includes UTIs, crystals and other conditions, often affects overweight, middle-aged cats; males are especially susceptible to urinary diseases since their urethras are more narrow and likely to become blocked. There are many causes of FLUTD, which can make it challenging to diagnose and treat. Felines suffering from this disease may experience difficulty urinating, and even pain while voiding their bladder. They may also urinate more frequently, or in inappropriate places outside of their litter box; in some cases there may be blood in the urine, a condition known as hematuria.

UroMAXX has been used successfully in the treatment of FLUTD and as a preventative. It has been used for years by prestigious animal hospitals and is highly recommended by veterinary specialists across the country. UroMAXX is safe and effective.
Photo by C-ThruLens Photography