While showing your love to humans on this special day, remember to also honor your favorite canine or feline by keeping them safe. Gather up unused ribbons and wrapping to prevent your curious pet from chewing and swallowing them. In addition, keep chocolates out of reach of your dogs and cats, since it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and elevated heart rate. In addition, chocolates may cause a life-threatening inflammation to the pancreas. If you’re indulging in other types of sweets, especially those containing xylitol, be sure to keep your pets away from them. Xylitol can result in hypoglycemia and may cause depression, loss of coordination and seizures in your dog or cat. Last but not least, make sure your floral arrangements are out of reach of your pets, since many flowers may be poisonous. For a list of flowers that are toxic to dogs and cats, visit:


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