Why choose UroMAXX™ for cats and dogs over the other Urinary Tract, Kidney and Bladder formulas on the market?

    • It is formulated and manufactured in an FDA, cGMP and pharmaceutically licensed facility under strict quality control.
    • It’s easy for you to use; just measure and pour over dry or wet food.
    • It is cold processed in a liquid formula to ensure both higher absorption and easier assimilation for full potency.
    • UroMAXX™ is being utilized by prestigious animal hospitals and veterinary specialists across the country.
    • UroMAXX™ contains no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, milk or soy derivatives. There is corn in the product.
    • UroMAXX™ is safe, effective and has no adverse side effects.


  • Supply: 6 month supply for an average sized cat / 2 month supply for an averaged size dog
  • Palatable natural roasted chicken flavor
  • The only liquid formula for UTI, Kidney, & Bladder Problems
  • Cold processed liquid formula, ensures full potency
  • Easy to administer, measure and pour over food or canbe given directly into the mouth
  • No sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, milk or soy


UroMAXX™ for Cats and Dogs Daily Dosage Guideline if fed twice a day
Under 10lbs 10-15lbs Over 16lbs
AM 0.5ml .75ml 1.5ml
PM 0.5ml .75ml 1.0ml
UroMAXX™ for Cats and Dogs Daily Dosage Guideline if fed once a day
Under 10lbs 10-15lbs Over 16lbs
AM 1.0ml 1.5ml 2.5ml

Guarantee: UroMAXX™ is a powerful and effective urinary tract, kidney and bladder formula for cats and dogs. Every human-grade ingredient in UroMAXX™ has and is being used in major clinical studies across the globe. Our patent-pending formula makes UroMAXX™ unique. Our products and ingredients are researched, developed and manufactured in the USA. We also stand behind our 100% palatability guarantee.



UroMAXX™ Active Ingredients UroMAXX™ for Cats and Dogs (per 1.0ml) 6oz.
Cranberry Juice Extract 75 mg
Glucosamine 65 mg
Vitamin-C as Ascorbate Acid 35 mg
Herbal Extract & Amino Acid Support Proprietary Blend: Cornsilk Powder, Dandelion, Whole Plant Powder, Nettle Leaf, L-Methionine, Uva Ursi 85 mg
UroMAXX™ is an unprecedented and powerful liquid Lower Urinary Tract formula for (FLUTD). UroMAXX™ has also been designed and formulated as an effective preventive for Kidney Disease and Bladder infections. UroMAXX™ is safe to use everyday. Cranberry Juice Extract, from the leading producer of cranberry products (75mg per 1.0ml) prevents the ability of microorganisms from adhering to the epithelial cells that line the urinary tract.Glucosamine as (HCL) (65mg per 1.0ml) The urinary tract is covered by a protective barrier called the glycosaminoglycan layer. Glucosamine helps nourish and strengthen the urinary tract layer lining.Vitamin C as (Ascorbic Acid) (35mg per 1.0ml) helps to acidify urine, making the bladder a less inviting environment for harmful bacteria to colonize.Herbal Extract and Amino Acid Support (85mg)Cornsilk is used to treat and detoxify infections of the urinary and genital system. Cornsilk helps reduce frequent urination caused by irritation of the bladder.Dandelion Whole Plant is used for the treatment of the bladder, kidney and urinary disorders. Dandelion strengthens the kidneys and encourages the steady elimination of toxins from the body and is a powerful diuretic. Nettle Leaf is used in the prevention and treatment of bladder stones, urolithiasis and flushing out waste products and toxins to the body associated with feline urinary tract disease. L-Methionine is a protein amino acid intended to acidify urine in cats that have mild to chronic LUTD (lower urinary tract diseases) This product should not be given to pregnant or nursing mothers and pets under 12 weeks of age.

Amazon Reviews

By StevieRay, Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2020
By pansylady223, Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020
By L. Hulsey, Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020
By Maggie, Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2020
By rob a, Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2020
By Matt Rodway, Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2020
5.0 out of 5 starsReally works!
By Meg, Reviewed in Canada on November 23, 2017
After multiple visits to the vet, doses of antibiotics, and following everything the vet told me to do (changing the food, litter quality, home environment, water quality and so on) my two year old neutered male cat STILL continued to express UTI symptoms. His quality of life was declining and the vet bills were adding up. I was afraid I'd have to make that fateful decision no pet owner want to make because nothing seemed to be helping him get better.

At the end of my rope, I decided to go looking online for anything that'd help my cat. After reading many, many reviews of supplements that helped kidney function and cats suffering from UTI, a good majority of people raved about UroMAXX's Urinary Tract, Kidney and Bladder support. While not the cheapest of the brands I looked at, it was one of the top rated by real people who'd seen good results from using it alongside what their vets had already been doing, so I asked my vet if I could add it to my cats treatment and she gave it the green light.
That done, I ordered it right away with express shipping and it arrived in three days.

Following the instructions on the bottle, I mixed the proper amount for his weight into his wet food every night. Being it's chicken flavoured he didn't even notice it and ate it right up with his food.
After a month of giving him this (the bottle says to only give it to them a week but I asked my vet and they said it can be given longer), alongside everything I'd already changed in accordance to my vet (no ash food, better water quality and so on) and no other medications or supplements, his symptoms lessened and finally went away.

This isn't a "cure all" or meant to be used as the only treatment for UTI, but I'm convinced it's given my cat's kidneys and bladder the natural boost it needed to fight back and regain their health.
He's now a month UTI free with no symptoms that he was even sick and back to his usual mischief-making self!

The only thing I'd press about this is to make sure you ask your vet before using it on your animal or using it in a different way then what's written on the bottle (like for a longer period of time, like I did.)
5.0 out of 5 starsand for being a finicky eater she seems to like the taste
By haileycascanette, Reviewed in Canada on March 24, 2018
5.0 out of 5 starsuromaxx pour chiens et chats - 6 oz Bouteille
By nicole, Reviewed in Canada on October 11, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing!!!
By Rachelle, Reviewed in Canada on July 6, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsHelped save my kitty's life.
By Brent's Views, Reviewed in Canada on September 12, 2019
5.0 out of 5 starsHelped my cat out!
By Stefanos Jeffery, Reviewed in Canada on August 31, 2019
The manufacturer commented on the review below
This is one product that I want to leave a review for so others who find themselves searching desperately like I was can find some hope here.

A little over a week ago I caught one of my male neutered indoor cats peeing on my son's bed. When a male cat pees on something outside the litter box it can be a behavioral issue, spraying for territory or a UTI. My male cat sprays when he's upset about changes in the house, so this was not the first time he's peed on anything outside the litter box. What made this different and urgent was that I noticed him going in and out of his litter pan without being able to pee. I knew there was a problem and after Googling symptoms came up with the terrifying conclusion that he could have a full bladder blockage from the UTI. (You've been warned, Google can cause severe anxiety if you're looking for a diagnosis on ANYTHING).

I live in a rural area with a handful of vets & that should say a lot. My cat peed on the bed Sunday morning (emergency vet is $100 just to walk in the door) and there is no way that at this given time I can afford a vet. Faced with an immediate urgent situation what do I do?
Google and go to Amazon.

When I came across this UroMaxx I was the most desperate and terrified that my cat has a full blockage and will not be able to pee again after going on my son's bed. This is the first UTI I've ever had to experience in a cat before, so ill prepared as I was, this was terrifying.
I read the reviews and decided that this product is my hope in a bottle (thank goodness for 2nd day delivery).

The next day this arrived and I started immediately with a 1ml dropper full in wet food and my cat ate it up. This was the 2nd day of symptoms where my cat was not able to pee in his box but he did pee on the bed again that morning. There was no blood in his urine and he wasn't straining or crying in the litter pan, but he was sitting there long and going back and forth without being able to pee.

Day 2 (day after starting UroMaxx) I gave another dropper full in wet food. Still straining. We got into a routine at this point where I'd go out to the room with the litter pans and my cat would run ahead of me meowing and jump in the litter pan so he can try to pee. No pee.

Day 3. I am terrified my cat is going to have a full bladder blockage because I am seeing no pee in the box and he's still trying to go each time we go out to the litter pans together. I gave another dropper full in wet food and waited....

Day 4. Dribbles of pee in the box this time when my cat runs out to show me that he can pee in his litter pan. Each night up till now there were tiny and I do mean about the size of large strawberry clumps of pee in the litter pan (which means no blockage and he was able to dribble overnight, just not at all in the morning time). Dribbles were hope. I gave another dropper full and became even more desperate watching my cat trying to pee and nothing more than dribbles come out, so I weighed him and adjusted the dosage of UroMaxx. My cat is 16.5 lbs so I gave 2 dropper fulls in wet food (directions are 1.5 dropper for a 16 lbs cat but I am desperate here)

Day 5. No change just dribbles, but my cat is eating, and moving around more than he was before. He's taken an interest in his toys again and by now he's still running out to the litter pans to show me that he can or can't pee.
That night, I am beyond desperate now and gave 1 dropper full in his mouth (I've given oral medication before so we know the routine and my cat tolerated me doing it) This stuff smells like chicken and is a brown liquid. He didn't mind, just licked his mouth and gave me a glare that what ever I did to him was not acceptable. Then he started running around like he wasn't sick at all anymore. I was hopeful.

Day 6. Morning after giving a dropperful in the mouth my cat runs out to show me he can pee this time in his litter pan. A clump the size of a silver dollar. (I did a happy dance that day). I gave another 2 dropper fulls in wet food.

Day 7. Wake up to my cat meowing at 4 am because he's hungry. Got nibbled on for not getting out of bed fast enough to feed a starving cat. This is the first time since my cat started showing symptoms of a UTI that he's woken me up for food at 4 am.
We do our routine and he leaves a much larger lump in the litter pan. I didn't think it was possible but he can pee and without straining, no blood and his belly is not hard. I add another 2 dropper fulls in his wet food.

Day's after 7 I am still adding 1 dropper full into wet food and my cat is showing no signs of a UTI anymore. What I did notice while my cat was sick is that his belly would be hard and distended. He would frequent the litter pans, go back and forth, scratch in one and sit there trying to pee, then jump in the other pan and do the same thing. He'd avoid drinking water and would only want to eat. He was still active and had no blood in his urine that I could see when he'd pee on the bed and he wasn't dribbling urine outside the box. After starting UroMaxx I noticed that he was more active, his belly wasn't hard longer than a few hours, he started slowly dribbling larger clumps in the litter pans and after a few days he was interested in drinking water again. By the end of the week on UroMaxx, it was like a whole new cat and not one that was sick for a week - he was playing, eating, running and jumping again, even waking me up at 4 am because he was starving.

Other things I had to change with this experience.
I had to switch from dry kibble with 1 can of canned in the morning to ONLY canned with a bit of water added as their SOLE food. No more dry because dry kibble has about 12% moisture and canned for is 80% moisture. A cat's body needs about 78% moisture or they will be dehydrated. Generally cats that are on dry kibble are dehydrated because they are unable to get enough moisture from the food they eat and no matter how much they drink or don't drink from the water bowls it is never enough to make up for the moisture they should be getting in their food.
Cats on canned or raw foods are less likely to develop crystals or bladder issues because there are more fluids passing through their bladders flushing out toxins and especially male cats need this to prevent UTI's and other serious issues that come with bladder issues.
Yes, canned food diet for a household of 3 indoor male neutered cats is expensive and a cashier at the store the other day made a comment that my cats are 'spoiled' because they eat nothing but canned food. We can't think of it as spoiling them, but more of taking care of our kitties health.

Water bowls
I have water bowls in every room of the house so that my cats can have a drink when ever they are thirsty. I only offer filtered water (bottled water) over our hard tap water, because I read that hard tap water might cause crystals in urine (not sure if that's true but I don't drink the tap water, so why should my cats?)

Clumping cat litter
It is recommended by vets to use clumping cat litter with adult cats (not kittens because they can eat the litter and when it clumps it will cause an obstruction or hard mass that is impassible and deadly) so that you are able to visibly see and count how many clumps there are. Meaning, you know how healthy your cat's bowels and bladder are by the size of pee clumps.

I have 3 male cats and they've all been on dry kibble since kittenhood so it is about time that I help their bladders flush and this product has been wonderful in healing the UTI in one cat and helping to flush the other 2 to prevent issues.
This is a wonderful prevention for bladder issues and I am giving 1 dropper full each day with wet food, per cat and have noticed an increase in the amount of pee clumps in their litter pans each morning and evening when I scoop. There have been no side effects that I've noticed from any of the cats and each one doesn't seem to mind the taste in their food. Once you open the bottle it has to be refrigerated though, which is something I didn't notice the first couple of days but now keep it in the fridge.

Last words.
If you've gotten this far and are terrified like I was over a week ago fearing the absolute worst that your cat might have a full bladder blockage or are feeling so helpless because your fur baby has a UTI, then this is a great product to try along with the other preventative measures in changing diet and continuing on with using UroMaxx to keep your fur babies bladder healthy. I can't stress enough how important it is to also change the diet and 'special' vet approved and pushed diets are no different (except in price) from any canned or raw food diet you can get on the market or make yourself. What matters most is the ingredients are not cheap (do your research on corn, fillers and gluten) and the canned food isn't totally water (80% or less moisture will do) then that is a big step up from feeding dry kibble and will help to keep your fur babies bladder healthy.

I want to suggest one more natural treatment that I came across while researching and this is Apple Cider Vinegar with 'mother' and if you are out at the store and see it then this is supposed to be a treatment for even a fully blocked cat. Earth Clinic is a good place to find more information on how to use this and treatment for a cat or dog that is blocked or with UTI. You don't have to force feed ACV, you can drop it between the shoulder blades or on their paws DILUTED (always dilute ACV 50/50 with water) and it will absorb into the body and start working. ACV is safe for cats DILUTED with water 50/50.

But if you suspect your cat is blocked and nothing you are doing is helping then it is vitally important to see an emergency vet ASAP because within 24 to 48 hours a cats kidneys will start to shut down from a blockage and their bladder can burst which leads to death if not treated immediately after. This is where Google terrified me and I was fearing the worst and almost gave up and went to the vet until my cat started peeing on the bed and then dribbling pee. I believe this product works. It worked for my 3 year old male neutered cat.
I still have a bottle on hand and will order again before running out. I consider this a BIG lesson learned - don't feed dry kibble to a male cat.
on October 7, 2017
I couldn’t find many reviews from dog owners, so I hope this helps someone whose dog is clearly uncomfortable and having UTI’s.

I ordered these drops 10 days ago for my 50-pound, 16-year-old Labrador mix. She never had an issue with UTI’s until recently and with no explanation from my vet.

Two visits to the vet, 2 rounds of Clavamox (for a total of 4 weeks) it all cost $450. That all turned out to be useless and only a temporary relief to my dog’s issues.

I potty-trained her as a pup and never had a problem with her going pee inside the house. After a full month of antibiotics and less than 2 weeks off them, the UTI started all over again.

She was peeing inside by the front door and in the elevator, or next to it as we stood waiting (we live in a condo building), and I didn’t want to go back to the vet. It would just be ANOTHER doctor’s fee, more money for a urine analysis, and more Clavamox.

So, I researched "clavamox" on Amazon and found this "healthier" alternative. I bought this hoping it would work for her and that the rest of the reviews weren’t paid for by the company who makes this.

It ABSOLUTELY worked. From the 8 days I’ve been adding it to her food, the liquid line has barely dropped. I feed her twice a day and add 1.5 droppers to each bowl of food. I add water as well. I read somewhere that older dogs need a lot of water to prevent UTI’s. So with a cup of food, 1.5 drops, and water filled just below the surface of the food, I let it all sit and soak for about 10 minutes while she paces smelling the air for a whiff of her food.

When she first had the UTI, it took about a day for the antibiotics to kick in. She went from struggling to walk, to bouncing down the hall excited to go for a walk in just over a days’ time.

Nearly the same thing happened after I started giving her the drops, but it took just a bit longer to kick in. I’d say maybe by day 2 or 3 and she was back to herself.

She hasn’t peed in the house or at the elevator since I started the drops. I feel much better about giving her these drops than a ton of antibiotics.

If you’re a dog owner and your buddy has a UTI, these will probably work. Definitely give them a try.

UroMAXX Urinary Tract, Kidney & Bladder Formula for Cats and Dogs, 6 oz Bottle
review imagereview imagereview image
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 30, 2017
Seems to work very well for my Tigger, who has had extremely painful and possibly deadly urinary blockages. Since we started using UroMaxx he has not had these problems, for which we are extremely grateful.

We almost lost Tigger about a year ago due to a blocked urethra. The vet had to drain his bladder with a needle, and insert a catheter for a day. Then for two weeks we had to medicate him, and he was in terrible pain.

With a change in food and the use of UroMAXX, so far we have avoided a repeat. Well worth the minor added expense.
review image
on August 20, 2017
My 11-month old male cat had a urinary blockage, and we unfortunately had to pay nearly $1000 at the vet for immediate treatment. After the vet said he would have to be on an SO diet for life, I began looking into alternatives. I found UroMAXX and was a little skeptical, but after all the good reviews we decided to try it. I'm happy to say that Miller has been taking UroMAXX daily for 4 weeks now, and we've had 0 issues with his crystals coming back or other urinary issues! I called when I first received the product and I spoke to someone named Rob(ert?) for about 20 minutes and he helped me get my dosage correct and answered all my questions. I will say that it does have an odor that I'm personally not fond of, and my cat didn't take to it right away. Now we have him off of his SO diet and he eats a Pate with extra water added as well as UroMaxx, a kitty soup of sorts! He seems to enjoy his food now, even with the once a day dose. Here's a picture of Miller enjoying his naps and lounging in his chair these days because he can use the bathroom without pain! He's a handsome Flame Point Siamese and we love our little boy, thanks for helping us take care of him as best we can, UroMaxx!

UPDATE: This is about 5 months in and I'm reordering for the first time. We haven't had any urinary issues in this time, and I think it's definitely worth the investment to re-order. While I can't guarantee the UroMaxx is what's been keeping my boy healthy, at this point he's used to it and even meows with excitement when I pull it out of the fridge. We're going to keep using this supplement for at least 12 months, and most likely for many years to come.
review imagereview image
on December 10, 2016
If my dog had been indicating any type of pain I would have gone to the vet. As it was she was constantly straining to pee more. After about 3 or 4 days of the recommended dosage she was back to her normal one and done. Saved me a ton in vet fees and probably unnecessary antibiotics.
on October 15, 2015
I adopted a 9 year old cat 2 years ago. The local vets office did inform me at the time that he had had some issues that had been relatively serious and as a result, had already been through 2 families.

This past summer he nearly died (a special "thank you to SAVES)...He'd developed a full blockage (at the same time our veterinarian's office went out of business. He'd developed so many stones the told me his bladder looked like a "snow globe". After careful consideration, SAVES felt the best approach was surgery (a simplistic view would be to say a sexual change). They said it sounded as though hed'd been prone to the stones and that this would at least allow them to be oassed. They also said they wouldn't be surprised if he had had (and would still be prone to) UTIs.

Low and behold - a few months later, he had developed a UTI. Living in a very small rural area, veterinarians aren't abundant around here. The new vet (since our old vet went out of business), is, well, unpleasant - not only with animals but people. It's hard to restrict his (the cat's) diet as we also adopted a 16 year old female cat at the same time we adopted him And they are both "finicky" eaters.

I decided to try this product as a supplement a few weeks ago, and what an improvement, right down to his fur being healthy and not falling out. I mix the dosage in with his wet food each morning.

Thank you to all who posted your comments. Definitely worth trying and now sticking with!
on July 23, 2016
I don't write reviews often, but this product has done such wonders I felt it was necessary. My 9 year old mini dachshund is partially paralyzed and cannot always urinate completely on her own so we often have to assist and express her. Even on a very frequent potty schedule, she was contracting UTIs on a regular basis due to very small amounts of residual urine left in her bladder. Our veterinarian recommended this product and I am SO happy we found it. It has been over 8 months since Ellie's last UTI. I did a lot of research and I was very impressed with the herbal blend they use. We add UroMAXX and Herb Pharm Marshmallow extract (also recommended by vet) to her food with some water for added hydration and she eats it right up. 1 bottle lasts us almost 2 months, well worth the price. The Glucosamine has double functionality as she is a VERY active dog (we have to take her for 4 mile walks in her wheel cart daily!) and I can tell its been a great addition to the joint care regimen we had her on. Thank goodness for uroMAXX!!!!
on August 23, 2016
Here's our story:

Our cat gets a UTI, we take him to the vet and they give me antibiotics to give to him twice a day for two weeks.

One month later - same story: cat gets UTI we take him to vet, this time they knock him out and go in to push the obstruction back up the urethra to allow urine flow because it was completely blocked. They give me antibiotics AGAIN to give him twice a day for two weeks. It was around this point that I heard about Uromaxx. I called the number and spoke with the man from UroMaxx. We discussed his case and had a game plan for dosage once my new bottle arrived.

ONE WEEK after his surgery (and keep in mind that the cat has already been on another round of antibiotics for a full week) the cat has barely peed all week and seems like he is still suffering. We take him back to the vet and he is able to push on his stomach to release some urine flow. He tells the cat that if he doesn't start peeing that he will have to do surgery "and change you from a boy to a girl". Well with the three doctor visits including the "surgery" to push the obstruction out of the way we have already spent over $1,000. The last thing I want to do is a major surgery on the poor creature for both his sake and ours!

It was at this point that I had just begun giving the cat some of the liquid as prescribed by the man from Uromaxx. Within just a couple of days of dosage, the cat seemed much more himself and less stressed. It was apparent to me that the antibiotics weren't doing Jack Poop for his UTI symptoms, but thankfully, the Uromaxx was definitely making the symptoms disappear.

It has been over two months since the Uromaxx arrived and there is NO problem at all! I give him his juice every single day without fail. We did switch him to a prescription diet for cats with UTI issues, but my intuition tells me that the liquid in this bottle is what really keeps his UTI issues at bay. I say that because this cat is the neighborhood cat. His diet is not under our complete control. He has about three houses that feed him. He also catches birds and lizards regularly (much to our chagrin) and enjoys dining on them, leaving us their feet in his wake, sometimes in our house.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am for the cat! There were too many days of digging in the dirt, sitting for too long, with nothing to show except stress. He is a normal healthy cat now.

I spoke of his issues with a friend. It turns out that her dog had UTI issues too. I found out that her dog was born male, but due to the never ending UTI issues, their vet operated on the dog, shortening the urethra, and now the dog pees like a female. The operation cost her Three Thousand Dollars! I can't help but believe that this stuff has not only brought relief to our poor cat, it has also saved us a bundle in vet costs. It really makes me happy to not drag the cat to the vet only to be told yet again to keep filling him with antibiotics! NOT GOOD! but more importantly, THEY DON'T WORK on UTI's! Thank God UroMAXX does!!
on September 26, 2017
I have a GSD puppy that was repeatedly getting UTIs. After the third trip in a row to the vet and several long bouts of medication, I did my research and found this product. I’ve been giving it to my pup since and she has yet to have another UTI. My vet gives this product the thumbs up, and even gives it to her cat with urinery tract issues. I highly recommend this product. One note: this product needs refrigeration after opening.
on March 2, 2015
Saw this work before my eyes. I am a dog sitter and I had a dachshund come in with a preexisting UTI bad enough that there was a few drops of blood in her urine. With her parents out of the county and out of reach, I decided to give her some urromax every day which I do with my own dogs on a daily basis for prevention anyway. Within two days the blood was gone and she was urinating normally. Wonderful product
on January 22, 2018
I never write reviews but in this case I found that other reviews were helpful to me so I thought I would add mine.
I rescued a 90lb dog and after a week she started with all the typical uti symptoms. Blood in the urin, straining, restless and even felt a little feverish. It was Friday and I decided to give this a shot ( it was recommended on some sort of holistic pet website) before heading to the vet. Got it same day delivery and started it that evening. By the next morning she had no blood in her urin and her fever was gone. The following day she was not straining and peeing much less frequently with more liquid. I’m still giving it to her every day for two weeks and then I might keep it up a few times a week for maintenance, but we’ll see how it goes. I also gave her d-mannose and apple cider vinegar once a day. So it worked for us and saved me a trip to the vet and no antibiotics which is always the better way if possible.
on September 17, 2015
My cat suffers from urinary tract issues. Has had them is whole life. I squirt this in his soft cat food and he unsuspectingly eat it right up! And let me tell you, my cat is extremely picky and he generally ALWAYS knows when I try to sneak any kind of medicine in his food and he will NOT touch it. This is the only thing I've ever tried that has him fooled! Mind you my cat is 16 yrs old so I've tried a lot of things. And I think this has helped him tremendously. I have not had to take him back to the vet for his uri are issues since a started using this. And I've watched him potty outside a hundred times since using this and I can tell you he is very comfortable when he pees now. Does not appear to have any straining or discomfort. He also started drinking more water and I attribute that to this product.
review imagereview image
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 23, 2017
Our pug is peeing with blood spots and after doing some research before bringing it to the vet, we come across this product UroMAXX UTI - for we suspect it was a UTI virus. Ordered it thru PRIME, and soon as it arrived we gave our pug the corresponding drops mixed with her kibble. On the 2nd day, her urine has improve and the blood spots is gone. We continue giving this supplement for a week and noticed that her peeing is back to normal and its clear without a trace of blood. This product save us an expensive vet expenses. It does really works! I recommend that you give it a try for an initial onset of UTI for your best friend.
on August 17, 2016
My cat is 18 and was suffering from a bladder infection. He would pee a a quarter sized amount every 20 minutes and every time there would be a blood clot present. I gave him 1ML in his wet food every morning. I noticed it said it could be administered straight into the mouth, I did this but he threw it up not even a minute later. 4 days later and he was infection free and peeing regular! I was so relieved.
on January 18, 2017
My little pom dog was peeing in his sleep. I tried Apple Cider Vinegar and that kind of helped. BUT when I started using this within a few days he stopped peeing in his sleep and symptoms are gone. I think he had a UTI. I will continue to give him this daily.
on February 27, 2017
This is working great so far. Started our cat on it in early February. He seems to be doing very well. He has had several blockages in the past. We are looking for a natural solution that will keep him stable and hopefully get him off of the prescription diet as I'm not a fan of the ingredients. I spoke to someone with the company for more information. He was very helpful and informative. Very pleased with this product so far. we will re-order.

May 2017 Michael continues to do well. We have been able to take him off of the prescription CD food. I just wasn't very happy with the ingredients! This product is amazing!
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 23, 2017
This product is amazing! My Maine coon has had ongoing issues of bladder stones, urinary discomfort and urinating in places that were not his litter box. I noticed him feeling better after just two doses. 2 1/2 weeks later he,acts like a kitten again. He is no longer listless. He's bright eyes, bushy tailed and is his normal self! No more "accidents". I will continue to use this daily and I highly recommend it. I'll be keeping a supply on hand.
on March 22, 2016
I hate to admit when I am wrong, so I hate to write this review. There are a lot of products out there that throw around words like "herbal extracts" and "homeopathic" which to a lot of people mean "this will be great, healthy, and wonderful!". Not to me. These are warning signs that this is snake oil and that I should avoid it. I am usually certain that people who claim these homeopathic cures work are suffering heavily from the placebo effect.

That is not the case with this product. My cat has had on-and-off UTIs for a couple of years. He pees everywhere, I take him to the vet, she checks him out, recommends some very expensive medicated food and antibiotics, he gets better, and it repeats. Last time she said it might just be stress and "here's another overpriced anxiety food." I was looking through Amazon to see if there was anything I could try, and here comes this product. Lots of rave reviews, as there are with all the snake oil herbal products on the market, but I was interested in the fact that many of the reviews mirrored my situation. Also, cats aren't terribly familiar with the concept of placebos.

And as much as I hate to admit it, it's worked. My cat has not had a single accident since he started using this stuff. I started using it after a round of antibiotics, so that may have helped, but he has definitely been much better. He's always been pretty lazy, so I haven't seen a huge change in his activity level, but at least he seems to be using his litter box happily. Maybe I will stop being so suspicious of these types of products in the future. Probably not. But this one is great.
on March 29, 2016
My dog was suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections until I started giving her this product. It takes a few weeks to start working so be patient because it works! My dog has no symptoms whatsoever and I am pleased to say that I will be purchasing this product again. She loves the taste and the bottle has lasted a long time. No more spending hundreds of dollars at the vets office. Thanks! Great product!
on February 15, 2018
Our little chihuahua is almost sixteen years old. Slender, healthy, still active which is remarkable given her age. About four months ago, she started having accidents in the house. These turned into very frequent accidents accompanied by drinking large volumes of water.

Two rounds of amoxicillin made no difference. She was at the point that we had to take her out every thirty minutes. I work at home, so I would work at night and take her out, and sleep during the day, and my wife would tend her during the day.

After reading reviews on various products on Amazon, we decided to give UroMAXX and Nutramax Denamarin Tablets, Small Dog/Cat, 30 Count a try. We ordered them, received them about three weeks ago. She gets one Denamarin tablet per day and one dose of UroMAXX per meal, 2x per day.

Within a few days, she started getting better. Drinking less, appetite increased dramatically, and less frequent trips outside. Now, after three weeks, she's back to normal. She can make it through the night. More energy during the day. She's living on borrowed time at 16 years old, but we will keep her on UroMAXX and Denamarin until her day comes.

Thanks to UroMAXX for a great product. It's made a huge difference in our little chihuahua's life.
on December 22, 2017
Had a uti / crystal incident i immediately thought of this.. my only mistake was notvusing a high enough dose right away!
We did do a vet trip to be safe and although he wasnt familiar with it he liked the ingredients so he said at this point keep her on it and keep food same ( dont wanna over acidify with rx food ).. so far so good at 16 lbs shes taking 1.5-2 ml split between am n pm canned..
Please try adding to canned or tuna juice.. not many cats are gonna want it straight.. i wont use tuna all the time but it would be my go to for any kind of flair.. i would also use on higher dose end at first!
Also a drop of hot water makes it not all fridgy cold!
on July 24, 2017
Seems to help my senior dog with his UTI and in dissolving a bladder stone. When we lay off it he acts up again within days. Plus it rounds out his nutrition a bit too.
on January 19, 2016
Every positive review on Amazon is absolutely true! My cat had PU done in April and is now prone to UTI as a result. Last week he started going into the litter box every 5 minutes, squatting, licking himself incessantly and peeing blood infused urine in the dog's bowl. After administering antibiotics and Apple Cider Vinegar and seeing no immediate improvement, I ordered the UroMAXX with next day delivery. I gave him the prescribed dose plus .5 ml (as per the company representative's comments here) as soon as it arrived (in late afternoon). I saw immediate improvements that night and by the very next day all the symptoms were gone! I will continue to administer the prescribed dosage as maintenance - an easy routine as he eats it up when put into his wet food. Thank you UroMAXX!!!
on August 28, 2017
This works on my three month old female puppy that have a UTI. No drugs necessary!
I gave her double the dose suggested on the bottle.
I gave her the dose on the bottle in the morning and in the evening. Once a day was not enough to have an effect. And I used it for 3 weeks to be sure the problem was solved.
I am a dog breeder and I can tell you that this works just as good as anything to that would give you.
on October 28, 2017
The quickest remedy on the market! Saved my kitty twice from pesky UTI infection. As soon as he started straining and growling in his litterbox, gave him UroMaxx 3 times a day, he was back to normal that same evening, and then maintenance. Worth every penny!!!!
on November 26, 2014
I have a boy cat, RumTumTigger. We found him and his brother ZiggyStardust under our neighbor's house when they were 3 weeks old, they both fit in the palm of your hand at that time. We love them so, they are now 2 years old.
Tigger has had a UTI seemingly forever. We used a berry powder for cats about 6 months at a time, and that seemed to clear him up for a while, but the UTI always came back. On a visit with another kitty to the vet, I mentioned the blood in the urine problem and the vet gave me an antibiotic. 2 weeks later, still blood. We put up pads where Tigger liked to pee, because his cat box was the last place he was going because it hurt him, and put up a pad backwards with the plastic side out, so that when he peed on it, I used a syringe and now had a urine sample!! Took the syringe to the vet, who told us that we needed ANOTHER antibiotic because the original one would not treat his specific bacteria. 2 more weeks of the 2nd antibiotic, still red pee. OMG. We had ordered UroMaxx during the first antibiotic, but we didn't start giving it to Tigger untill all of the medicine was gone.
The first day we gave Tigger UroMaxx, there wasn't too much difference, or the second day or the third day. On the 4th day, instead of red urine, he had brown urine streaked with red, a sign to me that healing was occurring. Brown urine for a few more days. Less brown, more yellow. Then, finally, there was the beautiful sight of basically yellow urine. This transformation took about 3 weeks. Amazing, considering Tigger had just gone through a month of 2 different antibiotics. And, guess what? He pees in the box again, so we don't need to line the kitchen with pads anymore. We love him so.
WE LOVE UroMAXX, too. I believe that it saved our Tiggy's life. I believe that we are much happier not having to purchase pads and clean the kitchen floor three times a day. I am happy that he isn't in pain anymore.
One more thing that I forgot to mention. When Tig was on the 2nd antibiotic, we had to put him on UTI food, because one of the reason cats have UTI's is the PH of their food. We have an artesian spring, which is highly acidic, so I used coral calcium to change the PH. I don't know if it worked, I didn't test the PH before and after, but hey, I'll try anything. So along with the UTI food (Purina, I think) I tried to lower his PH with food and water. I would love to think that it helped, but my PH strips were old and I couldn't test. Thanks for your time.
on November 17, 2017
So far, I am very pleased with the product. I was a little put off by the price at first. We go through about bottle a month for an 85 lb dog, giving a yearly cost of about $360. However; we spent that same amount last month when our dog was diagnosed with a severe UTI (urinary tract infection). This product will pay for itself in a year if it can prevent an infection in that time.

11) EASY TO DISPENSE/MEASURE - This supplement has a graduated dropper built into the lid. You measure out the desired amount (1.0 mL/10 lb body weight) and dispense onto the food. The supplement is a thick-ish liquid. I add it to dry kibble and have no issues.
2) INCREASES WATER CONSUMPTION - Our dog is very prone to UTIs (urinary tract infections) due to being spayed too young, and not drinking enough water. I have found that by adding this to my dog's food, she drinks considerably more.
3) TASTES GOOD (according to dog) - The dog is a picky eater. She now eats her food eagerly with UroMaxx added on top.
4) RECOMMENDED BY VET - Our vet said that his clients have had great success with this supplement. I love the heck out of my vet, and he has never steered us wrong.
5) DECREASES FREQUENCY OF UTI? - Our dog has only been on this a month. She is currently on antibiotics for a severe UTI/Bladder infection. For the past two years she has gotten a UTI approximately every six months (poor baby). We will be monitoring her with a Urinalysis every three months to see how this supplement affects the frequency of her UTIs. If it decreases frequency over six months, I will add the fifth star to my review (May of 2018).
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 27, 2017
THANK YOU!! YOU HEALED MY DOG!! Love this stuff, 16 week old GSP had a UTI blood coming out and we used this for 3 days and it was gone. Love this stuff and so thankful for it!!
The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 14, 2017
Unbelievable how quickly UroMAXX worked. I am extremely grateful for how quickly this worked, by the second day! No more frequent urination, and strong urine. My chihuahua has, rather had, frequent UTI's. I finally have something that works, and is safe. This is peace of mind, knowing I am giving her something safe. I also had a question for the company, and received a response today on Sunday. Have never had customer service like that. Thank you so much to the makers of UroMAXX. I would give 10 stars if possible.
A forever customer in Texas.
on February 23, 2014
This seems to be helping the issue I've been having. Took a while to narrow down which of the many (8) cats in the house was having problems - this is why I needed an alternative to the vet, as it's typically a couple hundred dollars to identify and treat UTI or bladder issues. Finally narrowed it down to two, and have been treating them daily with this formula. They accidents haven't stopped completely, but they're about 80 % fewer than before. I've been using this for about three weeks, and I'd absolutely say this is worth the investment. Was hesitant to drop almost $30 for something that may not work, but I have been very pleased, and will keep treating until the bottle is gone, then may even re-order. Oh, and this is also a very good size; two full + droppers every day, and I'm only 1/3 of the was through this 6 oz. bottle.
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