Why choose ArthriMAXX™ for cats over other joint formulation on the market?

    • It is formulated and manufactured in an FDA, cGMP and pharmaceutically licensed facility under strict quality control.
    • It’s easy for you to use; just measure and pour over dry or wet food.
    • It is cold processed in a liquid formula to ensure both higher absorption and easier assimilation for full potency.
    • ArthriMAXX™ is being utilized by prestigious animal hospitals and veterinary specialists across the country.
    • ArthriMAXX™ contains no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, milk or soy derivatives.
    • ArthriMAXX™ is perfect for your diabetic cat, sugar free.
    • ArthriMAXX™ is safe, effective and has no adverse side effects.


  • 4 month supply for an average size cat
  • Palatable natural roasted chicken flavor
  • Cold processed liquid formula, ensures full potency
  • Easy to administer, measure and pour over food or canbe given directly into the mouth
  • No sugar, starch, salt, wheat, yeast, corn, milk or soy


ArthriMAXX™ for Cats Daily Dosage Guideline if fed twice a day
Under 13lbs 13-20lbs Over 20lbs
AM 0.75ml 1.0ml 2.0ml
PM 0.75ml 1.5ml 1.5ml
ArthriMAXX™ for Cats Daily Dosage Guideline if fed once a day
Under 13lbs 13-20lbs Over 20lbs
AM 1.5ml 2.5ml 3.5ml

Guarantee: ArthriMAXX™ is a full circle powerful joint formula. Every human grade ingredient in ArthriMAXX™ has and is being used in major clinical studies across the globe. Our patent pending formula makes ArthriMAXX™ unique. Our products and ingredients are researched, developed and manufactured in the USA. We also stand behind our 100% palatability guarantee.



ArthriMAXX™ Active Ingredients ArthriMAXX for Cats (per 1.5ml) 6oz.
Glucosamine HCL 180 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate (LMW*) *Low Molecular Weight 80 mg
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 40 mg
Ester-C (calcium ascorbate) 50 mg
Astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis) 100 mcg
Taurine 100mg
Manganese Amino Acid Chelate 1 mg

Amazon Reviews

on June 15, 2015
Update june 2016. .still use..give the twins 5 drops mwf and 2 on other little one gets 1...still love it...all seem good..would increase if need arises but all runnin n jumpin...chose lesser dose on alt. days so when we go away their system isnt shocked to not get any..
Only fluke was once i wasnt watchin and the boy ate everyones food..though dose was still within weight it made him act kinda weird for a few hours..then he was now i pay attention and i know if he ever needs more i will adjust slowly..
Bottle gets messy as heck but love the product

I just ordered this, so I will do a follow up after I use it...I was a little confused after reading the one with 19 reviews, ( the ingredient list seemed different than this one) I called the company who makes the product...I cant remember his name ( 10am on mon. june 15), but he was WONDERFUL!!!!!!...he spent 40 min on the phone with me...he was full of imformation wich was awesome since you usually get someone just reading the bottle for you!...this can be used for a current issue or as preventative...its been around well over a decade, and cats have stayed on it for long periods of time, so I am not worried about our 3 yr old "cleaning up after her big brother and sister"!....I will also keep in mind the uromaxx as he explained how good that product is and I've known many people over the years with cats with urinary issues....
This is the same as the one with 19 reviews, the people who sell them do the write up so that's why it seemed different(good to know since that happens a lot with different items on amazon)...I am using this for my "bull in a china shop" 8.5 yr. old girl who I'm sure has some arthritis but the bigger issue is she hurt her foot from a rough landing, and as soon as it feels a little better she jumps off something else ( we've provided the usual makeshift step system so it looks like some weird hoarding setup...stools/boxes/ towels/whatever but she flings herself over them in her excitement to get down)...we've taken away some culprits, but she can't live in a rubber room, and I like her to be I am excited to try this and will likely give it to her brother as preventative...I was extremely impressed with this company and am thankful that though this is sold through vets that we can get it through amazon, and that leaves an option for people who may find a trip to the vet too expensive. It also makes it more likely that people will use it to prevent joint issues, and that people who are in that place where the issues are too subtle for a vet visit will seek relief sooner ( we've all found ourselves doing that whole "they seem uncomfortable but it comes and goes or its subtle" thing where we worry and watch trying to decide when it will warrant a trip to the vet, and what can of worms that may open! this can help keep a lot of kitties out there happier and more comfortable : D...follow up to come

follow up...started with only( .5) just to be sure there were no problems( and so she wasn't suspicious!)...has now been 1 week ( 3 days at full dosage)..
first two days, still limping but seemed much less bothered by it so I think was helping with pain( she was jumping off things etc..but seemed to not feel it as much, and seemed more playful/happy etc...)
then when got to full dose ( .75 X2 times/day, or 1 once a day) Limp was much better and you could tell she was much more comfortable
*if she had been more miserable I would have done twice a day the whole time but I usually give them can in morning and temptations at night and I knew if I started doing canned at night, it would be a nightmare going back to once a day, so now I do at night once or twice then next time do temptations...
** I give her dose, then her brother gets 2 drops and the 2 yr old gets one drop...I did that so they wouldn't smell hers and want hers instead
*** I have found that the best way to get her to take it is to use.75, as she will only eat a third of a can, and when I do 1.0 she doesn't always finish...I suspect that the taste though palatable to all 3 , is overwhelming in proportion to the amount of can food and as we all know once they deem something weird tasting its hard to use it at all so I don't wanna push my luck! (this is also why I Never try to give something like this straight, because it can really turn them off from it and make it hard to use even mixed.
*** I knew using this the ingredients can take time to work, but am Very pleased that it has worked already, and am sure it will get even better with time!...I plan to use it once a day when limp is totally gone, then probably every other day...then maybe a few times a week leading up to our 6 day vaca in oct ( she won't get any other than day we leave and day we come back)...then I think I may go with e/o day as maintenance for her and her brother ( they are 8.5, the baby will get her 1 drop till shes older)....
VERY HAPPY with purchase!
**update** been two weeks, no limp at all unless hard landing and then just briefley .75/.75 x2 alternating
so pleased that we started taking Astareal astaxanthin 12 mg sports research black bottle, and MSM bulk supplements...msm best to be gradually built up so I'm glad I built her up slowly...
***update, kept on that dose about two weeks, then gradually backing off night doses, still doin great, will definitely keep her and her brother on it 3 times a week the rest of their lives, GREAT stuff!
on February 28, 2018
Great product!My senior cat was showing signs of stiffness, and was having difficulty jumping up on the couch.I went looking for a glucosamine product for cats, and after reading reviews, decided to try ArthriMaxx.After just one week, I could see definite signs of improvement. It's been a few week, and he's moving so much better, and is definitely more comfortable. He even jumped on the dining room table last week.(no,he's not allowed, but I loved seeing his bratty personality come back) I noticed some reviewers had issues with the dropper, but I've had no problems, finding it neat and accurate. My cat doesn't mind the taste, and it mixes well with his wet food. I highly recommend this product.
on March 19, 2016
This item was recommended by a vet. I have bought two bottles so far. I know glucosamine and chondrotin works for adults but the vet stated that it works even better for animals. I cant be for certain whether this helps my cat but my vet is certain it does and I have only read glowing articles about these ingredients so a product that contains them can only be a good thing. I know this brand is excellent so I trust it. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a senior cat and wants their cat to be as comfortable as possible if they have arthritis.
on December 11, 2014
Mixing this in our 17-year-old cat's food morning and evening has made a HUGE difference. He had such stiff and sore hip joints that he walked around with his back all hunched up, hind legs bent, tail drooping. He's a different cat now, back almost flat, tail up, legs stronger. Another sign that he feels better is that for the last several days, he's been able to play his favorite game again: chasing the red dot. He's such a great cat and we are so relieved that he doesn't seem to be in pain anymore.
on February 8, 2017
Used it for many years for my Cats, even sent some Bottles to Germany.
Incredible Stuff.
I wish they would make it for Humans.
on January 21, 2016
Seems to help my older arthritic cat. Wish they would improve the dropper.
on February 2, 2017
ArthriMAXX is amazing! My cat got relief immediately. She was walking so slowly before I started her on this. Now she is running around like a young cat (she is 12). I highly recommend this to all cat parents who have a cat in pain.
on January 8, 2015
Works wonders for our cat!
on November 9, 2015
I used to have one that is no longer sold, clear, that I would put on my cats food, and he would gobble it up. This? Is bright red, and my cat won't even eat AROUND it. In fact, he won't eat off the plate if that has been on it till I've taken it, scraped, and washed it. So... I have no idea how effective it is because my cat won't touch it.
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