It’s almost fall! You and your pets are probably over and done with the hot and sticky sitch from this summer’s heat waves—intro the cool and crisp breeze of the autumn! Whichever the season, we should be able to take care of our furry friends… but some threats are more prevalent during other seasons so it’s always better to keep an extra eye out for them!

Store cold weather poisons out of reach

In the fall, car owners usually decide to change their car’s engine coolant. A lot of them are highly toxic, so take additional precautions in handling them. 1-2 teaspoons of ethylene glycol-based antifreeze can kill a 10-pound dog—and it has a sweet smell that makes it irresistible to pets!

Pro tip: When using antifreeze, be very mindful of any spills; clean them up right away.

Bag your school supplies

Pencils, markers, glue sticks, crayons, and a lot of other items dogs can chew on are rarely toxic. But they can cause internal blockages or gastrointestinal problems from eating non-edible materials.

Pro tip: Keep school supplies in closed organizers and containers. This will keep them away from your pets and will also help your kids organize and find their things easily!

Keep rodenticides at bay

Rat and mouse poisons are more often used this season because these pests move indoors to keep themselves warm. The cold temperature drives them to look for shelter—and they might think your home is a good place to stay. Don’t forget that these poisons are not only effective in killing rodents, but they’re also highly toxic to your pets and can be fatal! Store them in places your pets can’t reach and when using them, practice extreme caution.

Pro tip: Outside pets may bring you “gifts” in the form of a dead rodent; even if you don’t use poisons, your neighbors might. In case there are signs that your pet ate parts of the rodent, contact your vet immediately.

Shoo the shrooms

Autumn is mushroom season! A lot of mushrooms are safe to eat, but there are species that are highly toxic and can cause severe problems in pets. If you’re not familiar with mushrooms and are uncertain if it’s safe to eat, don’t give them to your pets. Lastly, keep your pets away from mushroom-infested areas because they might think it’s yummy food!

Pro tip: In the event your pet eats a mushroom, take a photo of the immediate area where you found it and take as many sample mushrooms. This will help identify if the mushroom is toxic. Call a veterinarian, an emergency pet hospital, or an animal poison control center for assistance and bring them the mushroom sample in any case.

Food for Fall

Nothing beats healthy food for your pets, and autumn does offer the best food! While you enjoy the classic pumpkin spice everything, your pets can also have a nutritious diet filled with food readily available in season!

  1. Cranberries can pack antioxidants; they can fight inflammation and support your pet’s immune system. Plus, they’re also rich in vitamins A, B1, and C.
  2. 1-3 slices of apples are good treats to freshen Fido’s breath.
  3. Small servings of cooked butternut squash fill them with immunity boosters and fiber.
  4. Sweet potatoes contain vitamins A, C, and calcium—not to mention they’re so flavorful!
  5. Peanut butter is a treat that’s not only delicious, it’s also abundant in proteins and fiber.
  6. Turkey meat is a crowd favorite around Thanksgiving. Try to cook your pet’s food separately without the yummy spices we humans love, especially garlic and onions.
  7. Pumpkins are rich in beta carotene and fiber and you’ll find them everywhere this season!

Pro tip: When feeding Fido pumpkins, squash, and sweet potatoes, always make sure they’re thoroughly cooked. Raw sweet potatoes, for instance, have a substance called solanine that can cause blockages in the intestine among other possible effects.

Avoid anything with an artificial sweetener called xylitol (like some peanut butters and canned pumpkin pie filling) because they’re toxic to your pets!

We’ve shared with you some pawsome tips for this Fall; we hope you and your furry best friend stay safe and healthy this season!

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