No matter what breed your dog is, any canine can be trained—although some breeds may be quicker to learn than others. Dogs such as German Shepherds, Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs—among many others—may inherently be able to learn certain behaviors easier than other breeds. Other factors that may affect training is if your dog is easily distracted; breeds that are known for their keen sense of smell may choose an interesting odor over following instructions. A study conducted in 2020 validates the innate canine understanding of human’s directions. In that study of 160 untrained stray dogs, 80% of them understood human gestures, showing that most canines innately understand directions from humans. However, training does indeed have benefits, as proven in a more recent study performed on highly trained and untrained dogs. Those findings conclude that dogs who are highly trained learn new tasks quicker than their untrained counterparts, and do not give up on those tasks even when rewards are no longer offered.

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