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Have you noticed that your dog has slowed down or is limping? The culprit could be arthritis, which affects 25% of all canines, and causes chronic pain and decreases quality of life. Other symptoms include a reluctance to be touched on parts of their body and unexpected aggression towards other dogs or humans. Treating this disease may require some lifestyle changes for your pet, including changing their diet and monitoring their weight; using acupuncture or hydrotherapy; using vet-prescribed medication; and/or using nutraceuticals that contain natural ingredients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, etc.

Catching early signs of arthritis in your dog and using ArthriMAXX™ as a preventative or maintenance, can help your dog’s joint health, and may save you an excessive vet/surgery bill in the future.
Photo by Dominik QN on Unsplash