Taking your furry friend to the beach might seem to be a handful, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking a few prep steps before you go, you’ll avoid hassles and make sure your beach trip will be as enjoyable as you thought it would be! Lots of dogs have fun in the sand, swim in the water, or play with their best friends at the beach–and it’s always good to be ready for anything! Here are a few things to keep in mind before going on that trip:


  1. Beach Buddy Basics

Before you go, get a go bag ready for your pet. Remember to bring towels, drinking water, umbrellas, sunscreen for your best friend, toys, dog shampoo, and don’t forget the poopie bags. If you’re planning a photoshoot for Instagram, bring your props too!


2.     Choose a Welcoming Beach

Go online to check the beach you plan on going to, or call them for information. Beaches have different policies regarding pets, and you don’t want to waste time and gas or fares going to a beach where your pet isn’t allowed. While you’re there, check too if there’s a need to put your dog on a leash the entire time—just so you’re ready. Also, don’t forget that there might be kids or other humans on the beach that might not be as friendly to your furry friend as you, so always be mindful.

3.     Don’t Leave Pets Unattended

We treat our pets like our kids, and like kids, they’re also prone to danger and distraction. Bringing a pet to the beach will require your utmost attention, because they might run around chasing something (hopefully not someone) and get themselves into trouble. Avoid that by giving them the attention they deserve. Some beaches also set rules for pets, be sure to read them all and follow them to the letter!

4.     Is Yours a Water Fido?

Have you established your dog’s relationship with water? If they’re not fans, you might think twice about taking them to the beach—unless you plan on staying with them in the sand the whole time. If you’re not yet sure where they stand, give them a bit of time to acclimate. You can also bring a dog life jacket for good measure!

5.     Remain Vigilant

Make sure your vet’s number is on your phone, and that you’ve got enough juice in case of emergency. Check the water for any fish, sea snakes, or harmful materials like sharp stones that might be in the water. Avoid these dangers to ensure a good and safe time.

6.     Weather Check!

If you’re planning a beach trip, don’t forget to check the weather before you go. You and your pet might have problems if you’re out in the heat for prolonged periods or swim in ice cold water. Both of you might be at risk from hypothermia or heat stroke depending on the situation. Always be mindful of your dog, take time to notice if they might be overheating or chilling. Take them to the nearest vet if you notice something unusual about them.

If you’re staying for a while at the beach or for just a day, bring all the supplies you need for you and your furry friend. Have great bonding time with your best friend, because these moments are the ones you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives!

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