Seems to work very well for my Tigger, who has had extremely painful and possibly deadly urinary blockages. Since we started using UroMaxx he has not had these problems, for which we are extremely grateful.
If my dog had been indicating any type of pain I would have gone to the vet. As it was she was constantly straining to pee more. After about 3 or 4 days of the recommended dosage she was back to her normal one and done. Saved me a ton in vet fees and probably unnecessary antibiotics.
I don't write reviews often, but this product has done such wonders I felt it was necessary. My 9 year old mini dachshund is partially paralyzed and cannot always urinate completely on her own so we often have to assist and express her. Even on a very frequent potty schedule, she was contracting UTIs on a regular basis due to very small amounts of residual urine left in her bladder.
Saw this work before my eyes. I am a dog sitter and I had a dachshund come in with a preexisting UTI bad enough that there was a few drops of blood in her urine. With her parents out of the county and out of reach, I decided to give her some urromax every day which I do with my own dogs on a daily basis for prevention anyway.


A bold, but true statement. Since our humble beginnings in 2001, Animal Nutritional Products has grown rapidly through our development of a successful product line of some of the best nutraceuticals designed for pets. We focus on dealing head-on with the most serious and common diseases in animal health: osteoarthritis, urinary tract disease, anxiety. To combat these health problems, we have developed the products ArthriMAXX™, UroMAXX™ and PhytoMAXX™.